Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 25 Movies of 2000s: 21 300

Warning: If you are a guy, do not ask your wife/girlfriend is she thinks you are in as good of shape of the Spartans after you watch the movie 300. She will lie to you and tell you yes. Or she will tell you No and encourage you to join a gym.

Yes, the movie is a simple. Yes, the acting is not great. Yes, it is “based” on historical fact. Yes, those historical facts are not accurately depicted. Yes, there are times when the movie is a commercial for 24 Hour Fitness. Yes, the movie has slow parts. Yes, every actor has done better work. Yes, it is based on a comic book. Excuse me “Graphic Novel.” Calling a comic book a graphic novel is like calling porn Erotica. It is the same thing, but costs five times as much and you can keep it on our coffee table without people thinking you are a freak.

It is also the best pure action movie of the past decade. It has amazing fight/action scenes. The bad guys are evil. You cheer for the good guys. You want them to win. You despise the characters who betray the brave 300. You get caught up in the movie.

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