Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 25 Movies of 2000s: 19 Syriana

This film has a great cast. Almost everone of them was better in something else. Christopher Plumber was better in The Insider and The Sound of Music. The CRIMINALLY underrated Jeffrey Wright was better in Angles in America. The slightly over rated Matt Damon was better in the Borne movies. Chris Carter was much better in American Beauty, for which he deserved an Oscar, and Adaptation, for which he won an Oscar. The only exception is George Clooney. This is far and away his best acting performance. Clooney is one of the few actors who is hurt by being good looking. If he had average looks he would be apprecaited more, of course he would also get much fewer roles, but that is besides the point. He has proven that he can be very funny (O Brother Where Art Thou), serious (Good Night and Good Luck), charming (Oceans Eleven), tough (Michael Clayton) and in the case of Syriana extremly talented.

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